Welcome to My Garden Wildlife, where we’re passionate about encouraging all wildlife to flourish in our gardens. We offer a full range of UK made bird food. Whether you’re a new gardener or you’ve been looking after your garden wildlife for years, we have the best feed for your garden wildlife.

We are part of the Euxton Group and the newest member to the Hedges Direct family. Once your garden is full of wonderful plants, the next thing to do is ensure it’s ready for wildlife. Please take your time and browse our website. We offer a range of seeds, feeders, suets, fat balls, dining stations and nest boxes. We cater for all British birds and a number of small animals. We’re always looking for ways to help our wildlife so if you’re looking for something we don’t currently stock please let us know!

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You can contact us a few different ways;

Email: theteam@mygardenwildlife.co.uk

Phone: 01257 442 962