If you are new to feeding the birds, it can be confusing to know which type of bird food to pick.

All year-round food

The simplest way to start if you are a newcomer is to plump for a year-round food, such as our Peckish Complete range, which is suitable for feeding all seasons and for all popular garden birds. Products in the range include: Peckish Complete Seed & Nut Mix, Suet Cake and Energy Balls. These are all a good option as they contain 12 different types of seed, so attract a wide range of birds.

Food for specific seasons or breeds

If you are looking to attract a specific type of bird in your garden, Peckish does a range of these, with simple names to make it easy to know what to use them for.

Robin Insect Mix is a protein rich seed blend, specifically designed with Robins favourite ingredients, including mealworms, naked oats and sunflower hearts. All the seeds are soft and small, ideal for Robins soft bill beaks.

Blue Tit Seed Mix is designed to attract the small, colourful birds in the garden. With chopped sunflower hearts, nyjer seed and chopped peanuts, this blend of ingredients will keep the birds coming back for more.

Or if you want to tailor food to a bird’s needs at that time of year, then it might be best to opt for a food that is more specified.

Daily Goodness Nuggets, can be fed all year round, however is ideal during Spring due to the high protein and high fat, which helps young birds at this critical time of growth and development.  The nuggets contain mealworms and peanuts, and with a soft texture, are perfect for little beaks.

Winter Warmer Seed Mix provides essential winter energy to help birds survive the colder months.  With extra high energy ingredients, such as sunflowers, suet pellets and chopped peanuts, this bird food will fuel birds for longer when they need it most.

Straight Seed

Those who have been feeding the birds for a while, you could also opt for straight seed to attract specific types of birds.

Below are the particular favourite foods of some of some of the most common birds in our gardens:

Bird food: What Type